Inspection Surveillance Supplies - Body Camera Videos

This is how we use the Wolfcom Venture Body Cameras. The POV accessory is the only way to go. Capture every moment of the inspection.  Protect your investment, "YOUR COMPANY' from unsubstantiated claims. Call us directly for details on how we incorporated Body Cameras into our business. 

Broken Mini Blinds

Ever opened up mini blinds and they broke?  Yep it happens all the time.  Using normal controls and capturing that on the body camera saves money. 

Water Heater

Not sure how many times clients have stated that we didn't inspect their water heater.  Never again. We just say " Let me check the body camera footage". 

Roof Inspections

Roofs are critical and high liability. Make sure your inspectors are doing it correctly. 

Garage Door Inspection

How many times has the seller claimed you broke her garage door? Garage doors were the deciding factor on why we went to Body Cameras. 

Electrical Panel

Are your guys checking the panels correctly?  Is the client claiming that your didn't check the panel or added something after your inspection? Body Camera footage shows the facts. 

Sink Inspection

Want to see if your inspectors are doing there job home inspection correctly? Check their body camera video.  We do it everyday.