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Inspection Surveillance Supplies is not just a retail shop. We are also the largest Home Inspection Firm in West Texas and New Mexico operating as Integrity Property Inspections where we conduct over 2500 building inspections every year. 

Our experience and focus has led us to become the exclusive distributor for Wolfcom Venture Body Cameras to inspection firms across the country.  After using a variety of products it was an easy choice for us to invest in Wolfcom. All of our inspectors use the Wolfcom Venture POV Body Camera kit and every inspection is recorded. Go to our video section to see the camera in action. 

Owner Jeffery Michel introduced body cameras in 2017 after numerous unsubstantiated claims for damages. The body camera all but stopped these claims.  All we say now is "Let me check the body camera footage". Click on the inspector image to see our web site. 

In addition to saving hundreds of dollars every year we now sell the footage to clients who can not be at the inspection.  With notice we will narrate the entire inspection over the Venture Body Camera and then drop box it to the client with the written report. This service paid for all of our cameras in less than 4 months. 

If you are single inspector in a small company or own a multi inspector firm the benefits of recording the entire inspection are numerous. 

  1. Liability Claims
  2. Review of inspection during report writing stage to refresh memory
  3. Review of footage by management to stay on top of inspector performance and interactions with clients
  4. Additional revenue thru the sale of video footage to clients


Inspector Supplies

Wolfcom Body Camera


 VENTURE is a wearable body camera designed to record your everyday activities. It's lightweight, easy to use and can be clipped onto just about anything.   

Inspector Kit - Body Camera, Battery and POV


 POV and 24 Hour Battery. Never run out of battery power to record everything. Perfect for all day inspections 

Body Camera POV Head Set


 The ultimate accessory to your Venture Camera. Never miss a moment with Point of View camera attachment.  

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